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Pro-Pump Hi-Count Live Bacteria

Pro-Pump Hi-Count Live Bacteria is the best product to resolve tough problems that exist in septic systems, drain lines and grease traps. Its exceptional performance in low oxygen environments result in the rapid breakdown, degradation and removal of difficult-to-degrade fats, oils and greases that build up in lines and grease traps.

Pro-Pump Hi-Count Live Bacteria also degrades long chain fatty acid compounds that are associated with odor production, low pH swings and trap surface solids accumulation.

 Pro-Pump Hi-Count Live Bacteria offers unmatched performance for septic systems, drain lines and grease traps and is an effective tool for facility effluent system management.

Regular use of Pro-Pump Hi-Count Live Bacteria can help with these problems and challenges:

  • Eliminating line blockages
  • Reducing surface solids
  • Reducing bottom solids
  • Breaking down heavy grease blocks
  • Eliminating line trap odors

Pro-Pump Hi-Count Live Bacteria is available in quarts or gallons.